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The Sunday Times newspaper gave Runshaw its highest AA grading for the support given to applicants to Oxford and Cambridge. Currently, over 1200 former students are studying at the prestigious Russell Group and 1994 Group of Universities. One of the ways we support our student applications is through our Prestigious Universities Programme.

The programme includes lectures on what is required for these universities, talks from visiting academics and former Runshaw students, workshops with Oxbridge Admission Officers, trips to university taster days and the Oxbridge Regional Conference, and the chance to visit Oxford and Cambridge. The Oxbridge selection process is unique, so special assistance is provided using the expertise which Runshaw staff have built up through their relationships with colleagues at Oxford and Cambridge. Runshaw is also the only state sector school or college to have produced TWO Presidents of the Cambridge Students’ Union, Pav Akhtar and Laura Walsh. Both have visited the college to give guidance and information to prospective Oxbridge applicants. They are a real inspiration and show just what can be achieved by Runshaw students.

Runshaw students continue to prove that they can compete with the very best. Over 60 of our students have progressed to Oxford and Cambridge Universities in the last 3 years. In recent years, 12 former Runshaw students have graduated with first class honours degrees from Oxford and Cambridge Universities.


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