Your Future starts today! Runshaw College offers both Functional Skills courses in English and Maths. The courses are designed to provide the maximum flexibility to students from a wide range of circumstances and diverse backgrounds, allowing them to gain skills and knowledge based on nationally agreed standards of competence. Find out more about these courses below.

  • Welcome to English Functional Skills

    Carole Jones

    Job Title: Course Leader Adult English Functional Skills and GCSE

    Universities attended: Open University and Manchester Metropolitan University


    Why should students choose your subject?

    Functional Skills English focuses on developing skills needed for work and everyday life. There are 3 aspects to the course: reading, writing and speaking & listening.

    This course provides you with the opportunity to develop your technical writing skills (spelling, punctuation and grammar). You will also learn how to read for meaning; locating explicit and implied information and understanding how a writer organises a text and uses language to communicate clearly and effectively. These skills will provide knowledge that will support employment or any further learning.

    Students choose this course for a variety of reasons. Some want to support their own children with their learning, whilst others are looking to progress their own education. Other students wish to enter the jobs market, would like to change occupations or seek a promotion.


    Where do students progress to after studying your subject?

    We have seen our students take a variety progression routes. Those who study at L1 generally go on to sit L2. Students who achieve the L2 qualification have moved on to access courses in vocational areas such as nursing or classroom assistant. Others have progressed to university courses.

  • Welcome to Maths Functional Skills
    Helen Butterworth Photo

    Helen Butterworth

    Job Title: Course Leader for Adult Mathematics

    Universities attended: The University of Sheffield & Edge Hill

    Why should students choose your subject?

    Functional Skills and GCSE mathematics cover many real life topics from understanding your pay cheque to planning a new kitchen or choosing the best offer in the supermarket or for a new mobile phone. It is quite often used as a stepping stone to help you apply for your next course or level of employment. We have fantastic results and amazing feedback from students about our courses which cater for levels 1, 2 and GCSE.

    Where do students progress to after studying your subject?

    Some students use it to progress in their career or to apply for a new job, as mathematics is very often part of the criteria for many job roles. It can also allow students to apply for University places or other education opportunities. However, some just use it to help recap their maths skills or to help their children/grandchildren with their maths homework!

  • Functional Skills English

    Adults (19+)

    Functional Skills English courses aim to build on your current skills and to focus on the skills needed to help you succeed in everyday work and social situations. They look at communication skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening and are available at three levels (Entry Level 3, Level 1 & 2). The awarding body for the course is Edexcel.

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  • Functional Skills Maths

    Adults (19+)

    Our Functional Skills courses focus on the skills needed in everyday work and social situations. They help develop practical maths skills and allow you to apply these to a range of realistic everyday situations. Whether you need to learn how to calculate percentages for work or balance your personal finances, Functional Skills Maths courses will focus on practical maths skills used in everyday life. Our courses are available at three levels (Entry Level 3, Level 1 & Level 2) and all aim to build on your current skills. The awarding body for the levels 1 & 2 is City & Guilds (C&G) and EdExcel for Entry Level 3.

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